Webinar: Transform Teaching into Mentoring

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Would you like to learn more about the practices discussed in this webinar, or how to implement Quest Forward Learning at your school? Email Kelsey Cain at kcain@opportunityeducation.org.

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Below are the webinar recording, presentation slides, and resources mentioned during the webinar. We hope you will explore these materials and learn more about the wonderful work of Quest Forward Learning. We also invite you to review videos and materials from other webinars in the series:



The cover of Opportunity Educations ebook, "Guide on the Side."

Ebook, "Guide on the Side: 4 Ways to Bring Mentoring into Your Teaching Practice"

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The cover of the slide presentation for the webinar "Transform Teaching into Mentoring."

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Join Opportunity Education to learn how to transform teaching into mentoring at your high school.
Webinar Series for School Leaders: The Quest to Transform High School

About this Event:
Transform Teaching into Mentoring

Develop Mentoring Techniques to Suit Each Student

Wednesday, March 17, 2021
2:00 – 3:00 pm EST | Zoom

  • Learn how to make your school and classroom culture more student-centered in 4 practical steps.
  • Hear from Quest Forward Academy high school teachers who adopted a mentoring approach, and learn about the difference it’s made in student performance, student engagement, and morale.
  • Receive a free ebook to learn more about how to transform classrooms at your high school.


  • Kelsey Cain, Director of Professional Learning, Opportunity Education
  • Jolene Zywica, PhD, Senior Director of Learning Strategy, Opportunity Education
  • John Young, Dean of Faculty, Girard College High School
  • Nils Palsson, Social Sciences Mentor, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa




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