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Welcome to the Pathways Network! The Pathways Network membership is free and offered to all Quest Forward Academy graduates for up to 6 years after graduation.

We know that adult life after high school can be overwhelming and complicated. We’re here to help you achieve success, no matter your path.

The Pathways Network empowers and supports young adults like you to successfully transition into a purposeful career and achieve your goals.


As the Manager of the Pathways Network, I’m excited to help you achieve your personal, career, and educational goals. This includes support as you transition into this next phase in your life whether that be college, needing to secure a job, or even just to assist with understanding complex paperwork associated with your new life. Please feel free to contact me directly.

I look forward to working with you!

Ashley Carr, Pathways Network Program ManagerAshley Carr
Pathways Network Manager


How the Pathways Network Benefits You

Each Quest Forward Academy graduate has access to the following services:

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One-on-One Coaching

Coaching is designed to help you make optimal use of your education or training opportunities, identify and resolve challenges, help you meet your goals, plan the use of available resources, participate in further career investigation, and more.



The Pathways Network hosts events throughout the year, including guest speakers, networking activities, and panel discussions on a variety of topics that are essential for young adult life and optimizing early careers, such as:

  • Financial management
  • Health and wellness
  • Networking


Work Opportunities

The Network supports your efforts to build a purposeful career with:

  • Internship and work opportunities
  • Job seeking resources
  • Experts in your industry to serve as mentors


Supportive Global Community

The Pathways Network is a membership in a global community of like-minded peers. Having access to this community can help you to:

  • Learn from others navigating similar challenges and experiences as you are
  • Connect and network with Quest Forward graduates in industries relevant to you
  • Enjoy shared understanding, camaraderie, and grow relationships
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Opportunity Education Pathways Program and Pathways Network

The Pathways Program was introduced to the Quest Forward Academies in the 2019-2020 academic year. For those of you who experienced the Pathways Program during high school, that work will continue and grow as you enter the Pathways Network.

For those of you new to Pathways, welcome! You are entitled to all of the same free benefits as your peers as members of the Pathways Network. We look forward to introducing you to beneficial resources and services that are now available to you.

Get Started

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You’ll discover upcoming activities relevant to your goals and customize your Pathways Network experience to work best for you.

Email us or send a text to 949-690-3875.

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Do you have industry knowledge to share?

Contact us to learn how you can participate in the Pathways Network and serve as a mentor, panelist, or keynote speaker at one of our events.


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