The Quest Forward Academy Difference

For Parents:

Your student will be better prepared for life beyond school.

  • The Pathways Program provides years of support and guidance for your student — from the first day of high school through starting their career — helping them to achieve their goals.
  • Quest Forward Academy supports your student as a whole person, with regular work on essential habits such as curiosity and self-management.
  • Students practice work skills daily — such as learning how to communicate, analyze, and reflect — to help them prepare for career success.

You won’t have to fight for your student’s needs to be met.

  • Our teachers are called “mentors” because they guide and support each student, providing feedback on learning and growth in academics and skills.
  • Class sizes are small, to ensure each student gets the individual attention they deserve.
  • Individual learning plans ensure that your student can follow their interests and achieve their goals.

You can focus on what matters most — your relationship with your student.

  • You’ll have more quality time with your student after school, because there’s no cramming for tests.
  • Enjoy home life without arguments about school.
  • Students regain their love of learning at Quest Forward Academy. One mom told us, “Quest Forward Academy re-engaged my highly dis-engaged daughter and helped her learn to love learning again. Now a graduate and a freshman in college, she is well-prepared to create her future, and she is mature, responsible, engaged and thriving.”

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The Quest Forward Academy Difference

“I’ve been reassured to see how at ease my son’s been with the transition to virtual learning. It’s a testament to each of your commitments to your students and it shows the resiliency, resourcefulness, creativity, and authentic emotional compassion available within this community.”

— Lux, Parent

For Students:

Attend a school you’ll actually like.

  • Quest Forward Academy is welcoming and inclusive, with a diverse student population.
  • Students learn at a pace that works for them and work on projects they enjoy.
  • Mentors support and encourage each student individually. Azi, a current student, said “I have no idea how we’ve gotten such a great group of teachers. They always have such a good attitude, and knowing that your teacher wants to be a teacher and wants you to succeed, that support is really powerful.”

Build great friendships. Connect with mentors.

  • When class sizes are about 12 students each, nobody falls through the cracks.
  • Mario, a current student, agrees: “People are very welcoming here… ‘Family’ is a word that is so over-used sometimes, but it’s like that.”
  • Mentors get to know each student’s interests and goals and incorporate them meaningfully into their school work.

 Say “goodbye” to tests!

  • Yes, really. Quest Forward Academy believes in learning, not memorization and testing.
  • Here, you’ll show your mastery of a topic by creating “artifacts” – projects, papers, videos, presentations, and more.
  • Artifacts show what you learned and gained from the material, not how well you can take a test.

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Build great friendships. Connect with mentors.

“I really enjoy being at school, it’s kind of like a second home. There have never been any fights between anyone. I get here at 8, and I stay as long as I can. I love being here, it’s my favorite place to be. It’s overall such a good community.”

— Natasha, Student

Why wait?

Don’t stress about high school even one more day.

Your path to a better high school experience for your student starts right here and now. Schedule a free consultation with Rebecca, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, to see if Quest Forward Academy is a good fit for your child’s future.

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A student smiles broadly while writing in a math notebook at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa.

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