Riley Husted

Mentor Coach, English Mentor


I am a Southern California native that loves the great outdoors! You can often find me spending my afternoons and weekends hiking the backcountry of Sonoma County alongside my trusty Border Collie, Oliver. I also love gardening, which also allows me to be creative in the kitchen and try, and sometimes invent, new and exciting recipes. Another fun fact about me: I am a third-degree black belt and have traveled to Korea to compete internationally!

Roles at Quest Forward Academy
  • Mentor Coach
  • Mentor for Foundations English and Communications Media
  • BA English Literature from UC Berkeley
  • MA Education from Alverno College
Before Quest Forward Academy

Before I joined the Quest Forward Academy team, I was a 12th grade English elective teacher in the public school system in Milwaukee, WI.

Why I chose to work here

What inspires me most about working for Quest is the dedication to developing free and critically thinking students. There are many educational systems that attempt to fit students into a mold, and Quest Forward Academy does the exact opposite. They encourage students to flourish on their own terms and to examine the world through a lens that that promotes self-reflection and curiosity.

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