Mike Herman

Physics and Mathematics Mentor


I grew up on the East Coast and have lived in Santa Rosa for three years. I am a musician who enjoys hiking and thinking about our world. I also enjoy learning about local geology and biology. I feel that our future is predicated on education and that learning and mentoring are enriching for all.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

Mentor for Physics and Mathematics

  • PhD Atmospheric Physics
  • BS Physics
Before Quest Forward Academy

I have tutored nearly every grade level from kindergarten through college. I earned a PhD in atmospheric physics at New Mexico Tech, mostly studying tropical rainfall. While writing my dissertation, I taught an inspired undergraduate physics course written by my mentor. Recently, I taught a physics laboratory at Santa Rosa Junior College and began at Quest Forward Academy in the Summer of 2020.

Why I chose to work here

I am inspired by the research-based approach to education that has been set in motion here at Quest Forward Academy. Philosophies about learning and mentoring at Quest Forward have both intrigued and motivated me to present academics in a meaningful and practical way. QFA is a community of students, families, staff, and mentors that is mutually supportive and also a fun environment in which to work.

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