Micah Bledsoe-Holland

Pathways Career Development Coordinator


I grew up in the metropolitan Detroit, Michigan area and finished high school in a small rural area of Northern Illinois. Later, I moved to Arizona where I finished my BA and MA. Through my education, I learned I have an extreme passion for social justice and making a difference in my community and society as a whole. I love spending time outside in my garden that is thriving and producing fruit and vegetables! I also love spending time with my poodle Gigi and husband Paul.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

Pathways Career Development Coordinator

  • BA in Journalism and Mass Communication with a double minor in Political Science & Women Gender Studies (Arizona State University)
  • MA in Mass Communication with an emphasis in gender & ethnic studies (Arizona State University)
Before Quest Forward Academy

Before I came to Quest Forward Academy, I worked as a broadcast journalist in Los Angeles, California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Washington, D.C. I have experience reporting as a weather anchor and on topics such as sustainability, borderlands, and justice. I also helped news publishers across the world with their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies by helping them view their visibility in Google search engine result pages (SERPs) and Google News.

Why I chose to work here / What I’m most looking forward to

I’m most looking forward to working with the students at Quest and doing everything in my capacity to give them a great educational experience and prepare them for the real world. I decided to join this team because I could see right away the amazing impact the organization has on students and the community surrounding them.

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