Meredith Pierson

Mentor Coach, Science Mentor

Meredith Pierson, Science Mentor at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa


I am a Santa Rosa native with 8+ years of teaching experience. As a child of two teachers, I grew up adamant that I would not follow in their footsteps. That changed while in grad school. Pursuing research was the main goal when entering the Biology graduate program at Sonoma State University, but I ended up recognizing my love for teaching. I enjoy the challenge of having to be constantly engaging and trying new approaches to make hard subjects easy to learn. Outside of teaching, I am an avid walker and hiker, with a passion for animal rights, exploring Europe, and baking (it’s a science after all!).

Roles at Quest Forward Academy
  • Mentor Coach
  • Science Mentor, Exploration and Transition Phases
  • MS Biology with emphasis in Molecular and Chemical Biology, Sonoma State University
  • BS Molecular and Cell Biology, Sonoma State University
  • Minor in Chemistry
Before Quest Forward Academy
  • Biology Teaching Associate, Sonoma State University
  • Adjunct Instructor and Laboratory Technician, Dominican University of California
  • Science Facilitator, Austin Creek Elementary
  • Tutor/mentor, MindGarden Tutoring
  • Science and Math Tutor, Sonoma State University
  • Research Associate, Institute of Noetic Sciences

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