Matt Blumenthal

Social Science Mentor


I am a Sonoma County native, and after 7 years living across the country and across the world, I am happy to be home. When I am not teaching, you can find me cycling the beautiful Sonoma County backroads, trekking in the mountains, or trying a new cuisine.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

Mentor for Social Science

  • BA, Political Science and Sociology, Quinnipiac University
Before Quest Forward Academy

Prior to Quest Forward Academy, I taught English as a First Language (TEFL) with the United States Peace Corps in the Kyrgyz Republic, and I was also an Outdoor Education Instructor at the Pali Institute in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Why I chose to work here

Throughout my life, I have had valuable mentors that helped shape who I am today. I am excited to have the opportunity to be that mentor in my students’ lives while sharing the joys of literature and creative writing.

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