Heather Concoff

High School Counselor


My expertise is in opening up college and career opportunities for students, including dual enrollments at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Helping students to thrive in a safe and seen environment is what matters most to me. I love that the education at Quest Forward Academy meets a widely diverse group of learners with real world experiences.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

I started at Quest Forward Academy in 2018 to begin the work with the first class of eight graduating seniors (June 2019). Soon that work expanded to include all grades and more. My time here has been both exciting and creative, making use of many of my skill sets and personal interests such as transcript design, college and career development, internships, dual enrollment coordinator, and even some site design.  It is exhilarating to help build a school that values individual journeys, relevant achievement, and has such enthusiastic mentors and leadership.

  • BA English
  • M. Ed. Guidance and Counseling College Advising
  • College Admissions Certificate from UC Berkeley
  • Myers Briggs Certification
Before Quest Forward Academy

In my 25+ years as a high school counselor, I have worked at a variety of amazing high schools: 

  • Orchard View School (Charter I/S School)
  • Summerfield Waldorf High School
  • Analy High School and El Molino 
  • Emily Griffith Opportunity School, a dropout retrieval program in Denver, Colorado

I’ve also coordinated study abroad and accreditations.


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