Daniela Gundling

Spanish Mentor


Born in Germany and raised in Northern California, I’ve had the good fortune to be able to travel internationally for my whole life. Aside from visiting family in Europe, I’ve spent extensive periods in Latin America working with sustainable farming and food movements in Mexico, Cuba, and Brasil. I am passionate about plants, wild lands, social justice, and connecting people with our planet in a meaningful way. 

I love languages and speak four (German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese). I decided to work in education because I feel it is essential that our young people learn to communicate with others across the world in our increasingly globalized reality.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

I have been at Quest Forward Academy since 2019 as the Spanish mentor. I am the faculty sponsor of the Social Action Club and spearheaded the composting system and zero waste lunch program at school. 

What I enjoy most is connecting with students around issues that are meaningful to us both and sharing Latin American culture and history with them in a way that expands their worldview. 

  • BA in Latin American Studies 2003, Stanford University
  • Certificate in Western Herbalism 2012, California School of Herbal Studies
Before Quest Forward Academy
  • Tutored languages one-on-one or in small group classes for over 20 years
  • Spanish teacher at SunRidge school in Sebastopol and the REACH School
  • Facilitated outdoor youth nature camps from 2008-present
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