Michael Meier

Social Science Mentor

Michael Meier


I was born in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and as a youth slowly moved east towards Omaha with stops in North Platte, York, Germany, and Utica. Centennial High School in Utica was the highlight of my young life and when I am asked where I am from, I choose Utica without second thoughts.

I got into education after 15 years in the private sector working in manufacturing, managing hotels and working in financial services. I fell in love with alternative education and the potential of meeting students where they are!

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

I am working with students exploring the Social Sciences and hope to help them see how one’s perspectives shape how history is written and recorded, how outside forces influence politics and our perception of what is in front of us, and how to make honest and open decisions about what we encounter in our daily lives.

I will be assisting with the Film/Cinematography Club to explore a lifelong fascination with visual storytelling and to share it with our students (and grow with them as well).

  • BS in Political Science, Minor in History
  • BA in Education
  • MA in Educational Administration
Before Quest Forward Academy

I worked for 21.5 years in education with Omaha Public Schools, 5 years as a facilitating teacher in the Independent Studies Program, 5 years as the principal of the Independent Studies Program, 3 years of classroom teaching at Central High School, and 7 years as a Dean of Students at Northwest High School. Prior to this I bound books, made mufflers, and extruded pipe in York and Seward Counties before launching a 13-year career managing midsize hotels in the Omaha metro area.

Why I Chose to Work at Quest Forward Academy

I am so excited to be at Quest Forward. There is a better way to help students learn and grow than what most schools offer. Our guiding principles are truly breaking the mold and changing education for the better!

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