Jennifer Dalbey

Social Science & English Mentor


Through my 21 years of experience in education, I discovered that helping people and teaching them to work with others through honesty and integrity was what I wanted to do. 

As a teacher/mentor it is my responsibility to help my students achieve their highest potential. To do so, I celebrate all effort and movement toward that potential. 

I also believe that keeping coursework current, relevant, usable, and interesting all at the same time takes work, but it is vital to keep up with our students and our society. Henry David Thoreau said, “None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” I think this is true more for teachers than for anyone else. Teachers should be enthusiastic about students, their content area, their school district, and the concept and process of life-long learning.

As a teacher my ultimate goal is to get students thinking critically and problem solving so they are better prepared for life after high school.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

I have been at Quest Forward Academy since it opened in August of 2017.  I am both a Social Science and Language Arts (English, Communications, and Journalism) Mentor. I also coach Speech & Debate.

As a mentor at Quest Forward Academy, I love that we empower students to take responsibility for their own education and then coach them through their chosen path. 

As a mentor coach, I love that I am able to help foster the growth of Quest Forward Learning by helping both new mentors as well as with the implementation of the program at new schools. 

  • BS Journalism, emphasis in Public Relations, minor in Psychology
  • MA Communication Theory, emphasis in Adult Education/Professional Training and Development
  • MA Teaching, with certification in Language Arts and Social Science
  • M.Ed, Leadership in Teaching and Learning (expected graduation November 2020)
Before Quest Forward Academy
  • A humanities teacher at Northwest High Magnet School 
  • An organizational and employee development consultant for Muse Communications
  • The president of the Omaha Business Alliance
  • An instructor for the School of Communication, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • A communication specialist for United Parcel Service
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