Primary Education

Opportunity Education has invested more than $50 million in primary education.

For young people worldwide to achieve a sustainable, successful life, they need a high-quality primary education. Through our Primary Schools Program, 1,500 primary schools in 11 countries received high-quality materials, including DVD-based materials for teachers and students, classroom supplies, and more.

The result: over 1 million primary school students worldwide received the learning materials and support they needed to develop essential literacy and numeracy skills.


Primary Schools

A child sits at a classroom desk with math learning materials in front of her.

Primary Schools Program

With our Primary Schools Program, we provided key missing ingredients to over 1,500 schools: high-quality classroom supplies and DVD-based learning materials for all primary grades across a wide range of subjects.

We also developed and distributed teacher training and support materials, and organized local and regional collaboration between schools to improve primary education at scale.

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A student writes a pen-pal letter to a Sister School student at her desk with a colorful pencil and lined paper.

Sister School Program

With our Sister Schools Program, we established pen-pal relationships between classes in supported primary schools in the developing world and ones in the United States, Canada, and beyond.

We believe that connecting students in this way opens minds, connects people globally, and advances understanding and opportunity worldwide.

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