Enabling young adults globally to learn the mindset, habits, and skills they need to succeed.

Opportunity Education is a non-profit foundation that empowers students worldwide with growth-oriented learning programs from primary school into college and career.

  • Led by entrepreneur and philanthropist Joe Ricketts,Opportunity Education’s founder, benefactor, and CEO
  • Reaching over 1 million students in 11 countries
  • Supporting over 5,000 teachers in over 1,700 schools
  • To date, Joe Ricketts has invested over $70 million to improve education worldwide


A high school student smiles brightly while having a discussion with a classmate at Quest Forward Academy in Omaha, Nebraska USA.

Secondary Education

In a rapidly-changing world that depends on innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology, young people need more than passive content learning.

We designed our secondary school program, Quest Forward Learning, for students globally to achieve academic success while developing the mindset, habits, and skills they need to achieve sustainable, purposeful lives.

We also support all students through their post-secondary education with our Pathways Program — a unique and incredibly effective service to ensure our graduates succeed and thrive in further education and career.

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A group of primary school girls surround a globe and smile while pointing to locations on it.

Primary Education

Since 2005, Opportunity Education has supported over 1 million primary school students across 11 countries. Working directly with more than 5,000 teachers in 1,500 schools, we have provided a full range of effective learning materials, including TVs, DVD players, DVD-based classroom content for all primary school grades, student supplies, and more.

Our Primary Schools Program has enabled teachers worldwide to use media-rich curricular materials, often in settings where textbooks were rare. The Program also supported active, local teacher collaboration across schools and the development of successful professional learning communities.

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A smiling Quest Forward Academy mentor leads a discussion with a group of students.